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With billwerk, you can seamlessly automate your recurring business model with Reepay Payment's integrated payment gateway. Contract creation, contract renewals, upgrades and downgrades, invoices, payments and open receivables - the combination of billwerk and Reepay allows you to do it all with one provider and one point of contact.

Various acquirers are already connected via the Reepay Payment Gateway and can be selected. The gateway handles complex setups and a very high transaction volume and can thus be used easily and securely by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises. Currently, the payment methods credit card and Apple Pay are available.

  • Acquirer independence

    Choose between all acquirers supported by Reepay Payment.

  • Intelligent routing

    Based on this, you can minimize acquirer costs, as intelligent routing selects your most favorably priced connected acquirer in each case. In addition, if an acquirer fails, you can quickly switch to another provider.


ProcessPaymentData method

Please be aware before starting your implementation of SubscriptionJS on your sign up page, that the ProcessPaymentData method is not supported by this PSP.

  • You need a Reepay account. If you do not have a Reepay account yet, please email us at

  • You need a private key from Reepay, which you have to enter in billwerk. You can find the private key in Reepay under Developers > API Credentials.

Configuring Reepay integration
  1. To get to the Payment Settings, click on your email address > Settings in the top right corner.

  2. In the PAYMENTS section, click Payment Settings.

  3. In the Reepay row, click the



  4. In the Private key text box, enter the private key.

  5. Under Credit card used, click the credit card logos you want to display during the checkout process.

  6. Under 3D Secure logo, click the 3D Secure logos you want to display during the checkout process.

  7. To save your input, click the Save button.