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How does the payment process work with billwerk?


billwerk not only automates recurring invoices but also regular payments. billwerk has integrated various payment service providers (PSP - Payment Service Provider) for this purpose. With this integration billwerk not only triggers payments automatically, but also receives - if the payment providers support this - information about chargebacks or refunds.

You simply configure the payment provider(s) of your choice in your billwerk account and the corresponding means of payment are already available to you. Details on the configuration of the payment providers can be found in the corresponding articles in our Help Center.

Black- and White-Label providers

The payment process differs for the so-called black and white label providers.

Payment process with Black-Label provider

For payments with a black-label provider such as PayPal, the customer is redirected in the checkout process to the payment provider's site to make or confirm his payment there.


Payment process with white label provider

If a white label provider is used for payment, it remains largely invisible to the customer. Nevertheless, payment providers are directly involved in the payment process.

If you have configured a white label provider e.g. for credit card payment, its Javascript bridge is automatically available to you in SubscriptionJS and on the hosted signup and customer portal pages.

The payment provider's Javascript bridge is used for direct communication between the customer's browser and the payment provider's interface. This transfers the payment data from the customer browser directly to the payment provider, checks the data and returns a success or error message.


Sensitive credit card data such as the credit card number and the CVC are never transferred to billwerk and are therefore not stored in the billwerk system. Billwerk only receives a "pseudo number" shortened to the last 4 digits and the expiry date of the credit card and the card issuer (e.g. VISA or Mastercard).

Upon successful verification of the payment data, billwerk receives a payment token, which is then used for further communication with the payment provider.