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What kind of customer data is saved and where?

From the customer's point of view, subscribing to a subscription is a simple checkout process that is performed in one or more successive steps. In the background, several parties are involved who need certain data for your services. That includes:

  • the service platform of the service provider

  • the billwerk subscription management and billing platform

  • the system of a payment service provider (PSP)

  • Other back-office systems of the service provider such as CRM system, accounting-/ERP-system, license server, etc.

The service platform requires the data for identification and communication with the customer. Often, additional customer data is also stored in the service system or in a separate CRM system (CRM - Customer Relationship Management) of the service provider.

This includes e. g.:

  • the e-mail address

  • the first and last name

  • a company name

  • the address

  • the order data

The billwerk platform needs all data for the correct billing, invoicing (including taxation) and, if necessary, the sending of documents.

Like e. g.:

  • the e-mail address

  • the first and last name

  • the company name

  • the address

  • a sales tax identification number

  • the order data

  • the chosen payment method

  • a key for future payments issued by the payment provider


Important: The billwerk platform does not accept credit card data and does not store them. The credit card data is transferred directly from the customer's browser to the PSP and processed there.

Depending on the integration scenario, additional customer or process data can be transferred to the billwerk platform and stored there. For example, this could be an affiliate code for a sales partner, a cost center number, or the customer's date of birth.

The PSP, on the other hand, requires valid payment data in order to be able to make successful payments. It checks these and assigns an electronic key for future payments upon successful validation.