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What has to be considered regarding the PCI-DSS level?

billwerk is a certified PCI-DSS (PCI-DSS = Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 compliant service provider and thus meets the highest compliance requirements for the storage, transmission and processing of credit card transactions of the PCI Security Standards Council.

The PCI-DSS compliance level for you as a merchant differs according to how you integrate billwerk into the checkout as follows:

  1. SAQ A

    1. If you use the "Hosted Self Service Signup Pages" generated by billwerk

    2. If you use the billwerk "payment form" generated by SubscriptionJS (in iFrame)

  2. SAQ A-EP

    If you enter the payment data using your own form with SubscriptionJS


Very important: billwerk and your system are not allowed to receive, forward or store credit card data! This data is transferred directly from the customer's browser to the configured payment provider. (see also here)

You can find further information regarding PCI-DSS here: