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Transferring an existing billwerk account to another company

If invoices have already been created in a billwerk account, then this billwerk account can no longer be transferred. This procedure would violate the principles of the GoBD.

If an existing billwerk account is to be transferred to another company, some requirements must be fulfilled.

An existing account can only be transferred to another company if

  • this does not violate the requirements of the GoBD and

  • if the management of both companies agree to this transfer in an written agreement.

If this is the case, then certain data of an account, such as product catalogs and customer data, can be transferred from an existing account to a new account.

The transfer can either be made by the merchant itself (with access rights to both accounts) or billwerk support can be requested as part of Professional Services.

In all cases, the written approval and assignment of authorized company representatives of both companies is mandatory. The informal approval/assignment by e-mail is not sufficient.

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