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What testing options does the FakeProvider offer?

The FakeProvider offers you the possibility to simulate payments in billwerk without a merchant account with one of the integrated payment service providers.

The FakeProvider is managed like real payment providers in the payment settings and is available as a Black- and White-Label provider.

The FakteProvider is displayed on the hosted pages after configuration.



The FakeProvider cannot be used as a Black- and White-Label provider at the same time. If the White-Label provider is configured, the Black-Label provider is no longer displayed on the hosted pages.

Black-Label provider

The Black-Label provider is used to simulate successful and failing payments. No actual payment data is collected. After you have configured the FakeProvider as a payment service provider in the settings, it is available to you as a payment method via the order page.


After selecting the provider, you will be redirected to a page where you control how the payments should behave:


The entry "Fail after [X] transactions" can be used to control whether the payment should fail e.g. after the first, second or further payment transactions in this contract.

If "always fail" is selected, the payment will always fail.

Via the drop-down list "Error Severity" you can also determine the error class of the payment and thus have the possibility to simulate the different recurrence strategies for failed payments.

Via "Simulate Payments", the action is executed according to the configuration.

White-Label provider

As a White-Label provider, FakeProvider can be used for credit card and direct debit payments. Here, as with other providers, credit card and direct debit data are collected and processed:



The data is checked syntactically by billwerk. After the successful registration of payment data in a contract via the White-Label FakeProvider, all payments will be processed successfully.


For credit cards billwerk does not save the actual data provided, dummy data is used.