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billwerk offers the possibility of redeeming prepaid cards purchased via stationary retail trade and to charge an account with the prepaid card amount. This function includes an integration with the provider epay.

  1. To set up the feature, go to 'Settings - 3rd Party Integrations' and click the


    icon in the Epay section.


  2. Select the mode (Test/Live) and enter your user name and password.


  3. Then switch to the 'Prepaid Card Profiles' tab. Click on 'Add profile' and fill in the following information:


    Internal Name - Internal name of a card

    EAN - European Article Number

    Tax Country - Select a country from the list

    Tax Percentage - Set a tax rate

  4. After the data is entered, the status of the payment method will switch to OK. Use the checkbox to select the payment method and therefore complete the configuration.


Adding a prepaid card to the contract:

You can add a prepaid card to a contract via REST API using the POST method.

Method: POST

Endpoint: /api/v1/PrepaidCards/RedeemBody:

   "SecretCode"  :   "xxx"  , 
   "ContractId"  :   "xxx"  , 
   "Provider"  :  "Epay"  , 

Mandatory fields:

SecretCode = Secret code of the prepaid card

ContractId = Contract ID of an existing contractProvider = Provider name

Where can I find information about the added prepaid card?

Use the following API call to get information about prepaid cards added to the contract.

Method: GETEndpoint: /api/v1/Contracts/{ContractId}/PrepaidCardsAll relevant information about the prepaid card (original / remaining amount) can also be found in the UI in the contract details under the tab 'Prepaid cards':