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How can I set up a plan group?

You can group you products for one currency or one specific market inside one plan group. To create a new plan group go to "Products" and click the "New Plan Group" button.


Here you can configure the following settings:


If you use the price list feature, the prices are managed in the price list. For more information, see the Price Lists category.

  • Internal Name: The internal name, which is displayed in the UI

  • Prices includes Tax: Selection if net or gross prices are used

  • Billing precision: Precise or day.

    • Precise billing enables billing of exact times for contracts as well as contract changes and displays these times on all documents.

    • The "Day" setting sets all changes in contracts to 00:00 (German server time in CET / CEST) and does not output times on documents. The day specified on documents is fully included.

  • Currency: The currency for all products inside this plan group

  • Value Added Tax: The taxation rules, which are used for all plan variants inside the plan group

  • Value Added Tax (Setup Fee): Assignment of the tax rule that is applied for all setup fees within plan variants in the plan group

  • Sales Entity: Allocation for design, logos, product names and such to meet different product or cross-border branding requirements

    • Note: This functionality will only be displayed in the User Interface if more than one Sales Entity is set up in the system. How to set up new Sales Entities is described here.

When you are finished, click the "Save" button and the plan group is created.



  • Plan groups are completely logically separated from each other, so plan changes in the form of upgrades/downgrades cannot be performed between different plan groups. A strict separation in plan groups should therefore be well considered.

  • Currency cannot be edited after the plan group has been created. Please consider exactly which settings are useful for you before you create the plan group.