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What functionality does the Salesforce Integration offer me?

In this article we describe the functional range of our Salesforce integration and explain the advantages for billwerk customer when using the integration.

If you would like to use the Salesforce integration or have questions about its functionality, please contact

Functionality of the Salesforce integration:

Salesforce is one of the most common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. billwerk provides an app that allows you to exchange information between billwerk and Salesforce.

The interface is bidirectional, changes in Salesforce can be transferred to billwerk and vice versa. The app supports B2B use cases (Contact / Account) as well as B2C use cases (Person Account). When installing the Salesforce integration existing customers and contracts can be migrated from billwerk to Salesforce.

This applies to customers in billwerk:

  • All information about existing customers can be synchronized between billwerk and Salesforce.

    • This also applies to the content of additional fields in Salesforce and billwerk.

  • New customers created in billwerk are created in Salesforce as Contact and Account or Person Account.

This applies for contracts in billwerk:

  • The relevant information on existing contracts is synchronized between billwerk and Salesforce.

  • New contracts to existing customers can be created directly in Salesforce via an iframe

  • Existing contracts can be viewed and modified directly in Salesforce via an iframe

    • Newly created contracts in billwerk are displayed here

The billwerk contracts for a customer are displayed in Salesforce as follows:

By clicking on the reference code, you can switch directly to the contract management via iframe.

You can then perform actions like upgrades or contract cancellations.

In the following video you can get an overview of the integration:

Advantages of the Salesforce App for billwerk customers:

The app enables billwerk customers to synchronize customer and contract data between billwerk and Salesforce. Customer data can be adjusted directly in Salesforce. Contract management actions are also available. This reduces effort for duplicate maintenance of data and enables billwerk customers to design processes seamlessly and effectively across system boundaries.