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What information can I see in the contract details?

In the contract details, all information about a contract in billwerk is displayed.

To access the contract details, navigate to the "Customers" area and select a contract:


Contract data:

The master data of a contract is displayed in the contract details:


In addition to the information about the Plan Variant currently booked and the billing details, this view also shows the gross and net turnover billed for the contract.

The gross turnover is calculated from the sum of the amounts across all invoices minus the sum across the amounts of all credit notes in the contract. Invoices and credit notes that have not yet been sent are also included. For the net turnover the VAT billed is subscrated.

In the lower section the contract history is displayed. In this chronological view you can see at which point in time the contract is in which phase and which plan is booked at the time.

Recurring Processes:

The middle area of the display shows the status of the recurring processes in the contract:


Each of these four processes can be either active or inactive in a contract. When a contract is created, the processes are initially active.


If "On" is highlighted in green, the process is active. If "Off" is highlighted in red, the process is inactive.

  • Payment Escalation

This process controls whether dunning letters are generated automatically for this contract if the payment term is exceeded. You can find more information about the dunning process in billwerk here.

  • Threshold Billing

This process controls whether metered components are automatically billed when the defined threshold value in the contract is reached.

A prerequisite for this is that threshold billing is configured in the settings. You can find additional information here.

  • Recurring Payments

This process controls whether recurring payments are executed automatically in the contract. If the process is active, a payment transaction is always triggered a newly generated receivable leads to a positive account balance in the contract. The payment transaction is executed via the mean of payment stored in the contract.

For more details on when the billwerk system deactivates recurring payments click here.


If the recurring payments are set from inactive to active, the entire running total is collected in a single payment transaction. You can find the current running total in the contract ledger tab of the contract details in the top right top:

Running Total

If the account balance is positive, you as a merchant have receivables from the customer; if the account balance is negative, the customer has a credit balance with you.

  • Automatic Billing

This process controls whether recurring invoices are generated automatically in the contract. If the process is active, the system checks whether there is anything to be billed in the contract when the next billing date is reached. If so, an invoice is created based on the fees of Plan Variants and Components applicable. For more details on when the billwerk system deactivates recurring billing click here.


If automatic billing is set from inactive to active, all invoices that were not created during inactivation are created retroactively.