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How can I customize the prices and descriptions of components?


If you use the price list feature, the prices are managed in the price list. For more information, see the Price Lists category.

In many subscription models, the prices of components are standardized for all contracts. In practice, there are special use cases, in which the details of the components differ for different contracts.

In order to depict these use cases, billwerk offers the option of individualizing the names, prices and descriptions of components when entering them in contracts. This is done by explicitly overwriting the properties of the components. This is possible for all types of components.

Overriding components via REST API:

This can be done exclusively via RET API in both component subscription and when posting metered usage in contracts.

Overriding components via Admin UI:

Components can be overwritten when creating contracts , performing Up/-Downgrades or directly in the Component Subscriptions and Metered Usage tabs of a contract via the following button:


The following parameters can be overwritten:

  • Name

  • Description (for on/off and quantity based componentes)

  • Memo (for metered usage components)

  • Price per Unit


After clicking on "Save", the overwritten values are applied.


  • Only components with a simple pricing model can be overwritten

  • For on/off an quantity based components the period defined in the original component is applied, this can not be overridden