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How are cancellation credits and invoices booked in DATEV?

If invoices or credit memos are cancelled and an automatic cancellation credit memo or cancellation invoice is issued by the system for this purpose, this assignment is included in the DATEV entries.

In this way, invoices/credit memos and cancellation credit memos/invoices can be related to each other in open item accounting in DATEV and automatically balanced.

Instructions on how to transfer invoice corrections or credit memos to the financial accounting system in accordance with the GoB can be found here.

Cancellation credit notes and invoices are output in DATEV-Exoport as follows:


Belegfeld 1: "Document number of the original invoice/credit note".

Buchungstext: "Document number of the cancellation credit note/invoice".

For accounting records that refer to exactly one invoice row, the description of the invoice row is also appended to the accounting text.

Document number in the additional field:

In order to have the additional possibility to export the document numbers in a separate column, the additional field "PostingGroup.DocumentNumber" can be used, which can be configured in the export settings for the DATEV entries.