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Which options does an Interim Billing offer?

Purpose of Interim Billings

Interim billings enable you to bill customers immediately for the services you have performed outside the regular billing cycle of the contracts.

For example, if you have provided an extraordinary service for a customer and do not want to wait until the next billing date to bill for the service you can use interim billing to collect the amount from the customer immediately.

Content of an Interim Billing

The following items in billwerk are taken into account in an Interim Billing:

  • Handling fees that are to be billed

  • Rated Items

  • Metered usage of metered components for which the option "include in interim billing" is set

How to execute an Interim Billing

An Interim Billing can be executed within a contract account via "Perform Action > Execute Interim Billing".


When executing an Interim Billing, all the items described above in a contract that have not yet been billed are automatically summarized in an invoice and billed.