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How can I create a new customer?

New customers can be created in four different ways.

  • the customers can sign up themself via the hosted signup pages

  • the customers can sign up themself via an order form that has been self-implemented with SubscriptionJS

  • Creation of a customer using REST API

  • Creation using the web UI

Proceed as follows in the web UI. In the dashboard, click the Customers tab and then the button "New customer":


Fill in all required fields:


  • Debitor-Id: You can leave the debitor ID blank if you want billwerk to generate it automatically. The corresponding setting can be found in "Settings > Accounting > Deibtor-Ids". If it is a foreign customer and you specify a valid VAT ID, billwerk will automatically apply the reverse charge procedure when generating the invoice if all requirements are met.

  • Mode of dispatch: Additionally, you can set the mode of dispatch of the documents for each individual customer. This setting overwrites the default shipping method set in "Settings > Documents > General settings".

  • ZUGFeRD Standard: With this selection you can choose a different eInvoice format for a specific customer. This setting overwrites the set default format in "Settings > Documents > General settings".

  • Language: If a customer should receive the documents and emails in a language other than the stored default language, select the customer's language. If you have saved appropriate translations for plan descriptions, etc., these will be output in the output documents in the respective language. Invoices can be created in English, German and French. Any customer with a different language will receive English templates.

  • Notes: In the notes there is a free field for notes about a customer. Additionally, notes per contract can be stored in the contract details.

Finally, click on "Save" and the customer is successfully created.