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Configuring SEPA reference line

In billwerk, you have the opportunity to configure the SEPA reference line manually. This way you can ensure that the payment can be clearly assigned by the end customer.


For SEPA XML it is recommended to include the reference code of the contract to ensure an automatic reconciliation.

Depending on the used payment provider, the length of the SEPA reference is limited.

  • Adyen: 25 characters

  • GoCardless: 140 characters

  • Mollie: 255 characters

  • PayOne: 27 characters

  • Stripe: 22 characters

  • Unzer: 128 characters

  1. To get to the Payment Settings, click on your email address > Settings in the top right corner.

  2. In the PAYMENTS section, click Payment Settings.

  3. Switch to the General Settings tab.

  4. Specify the SEPA reference line. To do this, click in the SEPA reference text field.


    To insert placeholders, click the desired placeholder on the right side.


    To insert static text, type the desired text into the text field.

  5. To save your input, click the Save button.