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What functionality does the integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer me?

In this article, we describe the functional scope of the billwerk <> Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration.

The purpose of the integration is to transfer customer and financial data generated in billwerk automatically to Dynamics 365. The integration is continuously developed by our partner Sven Mahn IT.

The integration currently includes:

  • Automated transfer of all tax-relevant financial data from billwerk to Dynamics 365

  • Transfer of customer data from billwerk to the Dynamics-365 system

  • Transfer of accounting journals (financial accounting exports)

  • Transfer of invoices

  • Assignment of billwerk posting data SKR-independent to individual accounts, so that, for example, individual products can be split up into different accounts

If you would like to use the Microsoft Dynamics Integration or have questions about the functionality, please contact us using our MS Dynamics 365 SMIT billwerkConnector page.