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How can I define different Sales Entities for my products?


This feature needs to be unlocked for your account. If you are interested, please contact .

As a merchant with several products or different requirements for specific countries regarding design, logos, product namings or similar you have the option to project those requirements by setting up Sales Entities.

With that you can for example create individual Sales Entities for different product or cross-border brandings and connect it with the respective settings. By connecting the Sales Entities with the Plan Groups it is possible to allow an automatic assignment after signup. You can also overwrite the assignment by using the selection in the User Interface, creating a new contract or via API. After the setup is completed newly created invoices will be based on the Sales Entity configuration.

Additionaly the fields of the Sales Entities can be added to the accounting exports.

Configuration of Sales Entities

To create a new Sales Entity click on your email address and then on "Account". Choose "Sales Entities" on the left handed menu and afterwards click on "New Sales Entity". In the next step, give your Sales Entity an Internal Name and optional an External ID. The "External ID" can be used to allocate the Sales Entities with the ID of another system.


You can create as many Sales Entities as you need and allocate them with your Plan Groups subsequently. An instruction on how to allocate your Sales Entities with your Plan Groups is described here.