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How can I configure my company data?

billwerk automatically uses the company data stored on our databases for various processes. To configure your company data, click on your email address in the top right-hand corner and then on "Account > Company".


The following fields can be configured:

  • Company*,**

  • Additional Address Lines

  • Street, House number*,**

  • Postal code, city*,**

  • Country*

  • VAT-Id (mandatory field when using Reverse Charge)

  • IBAN (mandatory field when using ZUGFeRD ; QR invoices)

  • BIC (mandatory field when using ZUGFeRD)

  • QR-IBAN (mandatory field when using QR invoices)

  • Creditor Identifier (mandatory field when using SEPA Direct Debit)

  • Website

  • Company Phone*

  • Company Email*

* Field will be displayed in hosted pages and hosted customer portal.

** Field is output as sender address in documents if "Print your address" option is enabled in Settings > Documents > PDF Templates.