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How do I connect billwerk and Zapier?

In this article we describe how you connect billwerk and Zapier. The functionality and advantages of Zapier integration are explained in a separate article.

Step 1: Create an app in billwerk

At first, a new app must be created in billwerk.

The apps are managed under "Settings > billwerk Apps > My Apps". Enter a name, select "Confidential" as client type and add the app.

My billwerk Apps

After clicking "Add" a new entry will be generated in the list.

Step 2: Configure billwerk in Zapier

If you do not have access to Zapier yet, you can create an account at

Once you have a Zapier account we can invite you to the billwerk Zapier integration. To receive an invitation please send an inquiry to

After the activation you can find billwerk in Zapier by navigating to "Home > Connected Accounts" and selecting the app:


After selecting the billwerk app a dialog opens in which you can enter the Client ID and Client Secret that you have generated in billwerk. To connect a billwerk sandbox account select sandbox "yes". If you want to connect your productive account select sandbox "no". To finalize, confirm with "Yes, Continue".


Now billwerk and Zapier are connected.