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What to consider when switching from Sandbox to the production system?

This article gives you some important hints and tips to consider when moving from Sandbox to the production system.

The sandbox environment is intended as a test environment for your product and billing models. The sandbox account will continue to be available to you indefinitely after the switch to the production system. Many of our customers continue to use this account to test cases in a secure environment outside of the production system. Before launching a change, we recommend running tests in the sandbox first. Therefore, it is not possible to convert a sandbox account into a production account, both exist independently.

We recommend the following steps to be taken into account before a change is made:

  • In your integration, the API client of the production account must be used after a switch to the production environment.

  • The product IDs must be swapped from the sandbox products to the product IDs on the live environment.

  • The URLs from the order pages, the customer portal, and the URLS of the API endpoints must be swapped from the sandbox URLs to the product account URLs.

  • In the integration, the entity ID from the live account must be used.

  • The payment provider must be switched from Test to Live mode in the productive account.

On request, we will be happy to transfer the product families, plans and plan variants, as well as discounts to your productive account for you. In the process, random IDs are assigned to the transferred products on the production environment, which differ from those on the sandbox. Other settings must be transferred manually by you.

After transferring your products, it is important to make sure that all settings in your products are correct, e.g. the correct VAT is selected in the product family and the correct targets are selected for discounts.

Please contact to transfer products from the sandbox to the production system.

Hint: The key difference between the sandbox and the productive system is that payments are actually made. However, we still recommend testing the order process including payment on the production system before go-live. Many payment providers offer a test mode that can also be used in the billwerk productive system. We recommend that you use this. It can also be useful to run a "real" order in live mode, for example with your own payment data. The contracts can then be canceled and the transactions refunded.