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ProcessPaymentData method

Please be aware before starting your implementation of SubscriptionJS on your sign up page, that the ProcessPaymentData method is not supported by this PSP.

1. Configuration in your billwerk account

You can find the Worldline settings inside billwerk in "Settings > Payment settings > Worldline".


Please take into account that you should fill all the fields with your merchant data (Merchant Id / Secret Key/ SecretKeyVersion / Cse Key / Cse Key Version)

Worldline Instructions

To receive the Secret Key and the CSE Key please use the download interface.

In order to import the corresponding information into the billwerk system please set-up the reports sending procedure via FTP. The following reports should be configured for this purpose: Transactions, Operations and Chargebacks: Reports description .

To be able to review the transaction on worldline side please use the office extranet

Please consider following steps from Sips Office as mandatory for get started: Step 1, 3, 5 and 6.

2. Test data 1. Go to settings for Worldline payment provider.

2. You should fill all the mandatory fields using test data. To get the test data please contact Worldline support: - Merchant ID - SecretKey - SecretKeyVersion- CseKey - CseKeyVersion - FTPS User Name- FTPS Password 2.1 Test cards

Test cards with 3d secure:

Card Type

Card Number



Master Card


Test cards without 3d secure:

Card Type

Card Number



Master Card


CB Cards


Test cards :