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How do I lock a customer?

Corporations have to keep invoice and payment data of their customers according to the legal obligations. For billwerk, the regulations of the German HBG / AO apply. Upon termination of the business relationship, this data cannot be deleted. Therefore, customers can only be locked.

Locking a customer makes it unable to edit his or her data and stops the billing of all contracts, associated with this customer.

This functionality can be used to temporarily lock a customer.

Lock customer

To lock a customer, click on Lock Customer in the customer details.

Lock customer

Both customer and contract data can no longer be changed from now on. This also applies to the customer self-service (customer portal). No new orders or contract changes will be accepted for this customer.

From now on, no billing will be performed for any of the customer's active contracts.

Most of the functions in the contract details are locked. It is only possible to annulate, cancel, cancel immediately or move the contract.

Payments for open receivables and any ongoing payment escalation are not affected by the customer lock and will continue to be executed by the billwerk system.

Unlock customer

The customer lock can be lifted again by clicking on Unlock Customer inside the customer details.

Unlock customer

After unlocking, the switches for payment escalation, threshold billing, recurring payments and automatic billing are deactivated.



As soon as "Automatic Billing" has been activated, all invoices for the contract are settled retroactively and the associated payments are automatically triggered.

The switches must be switched on manually.