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How can I configure an individual term of payment for a contract? (On Account payment)

The individual term of payment feature allows you to set up specific payment terms for each contract that is paid for "On Account". Individual term of payment changes the due date of an invoice and therefore changes the time from which a receivable is considered overdue. This is often required in Business to Business use cases, where the term of payment is different for each customer.

You can find guidance on how to configure the general term of payment for On Account in this article.

Setting an individual term of payment for a contract

If you want to set the individual payment term for a specific contract, go into contract details, and activate the option ''Individual term of payment''. Afterwards, you can define the term of payment and finalize the change by clicking the ''Save'' button.



  • This option is only available for standard On Account method and PayOne On Account.

  • The individual term of payment for a contract will overwrite the common settings.