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Fee period vs billing period of a plan variant

You can define the fee period and the billing period for each plan variant.

The fee period defines the unit in which the fee for the plan variant are specified. For example, if you choose 1 year, the fee is due per year. The billing period specifies how often billing is carried out for the plan variant. If you for example choose 1 month, billing is executed every month. Booked components are also automatically included in the billing process.

Example 1
Billing Settings

With these settings, the annual fee of 100 EUR is billed in the first month of the contract. Also, any components that a customer has chosen in addition to his contract are billed monthly. The 100 EUR annual fee will then be billed again after one year.


Important: The fee is not divided by the billing period, but always billed at the full amount. The billing period only defines the point in time when the system checks the contract to determine whether there is something to be billed or not. If there are no additional components in the contract in this example, after the initial billing no further billing is carried out for eleven months and the customer only receives an invoice for the full amount once per year.

Example 2
Billing Settings

With these settings, billing is only executed once a year. The monthly fees of 100€ * 12 are billed all at once. In addition, the components that the customer has selected in the plan variant are billed once per year.