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How does the billing delay work?

The billing delay postpones billing by a defined number of hours and thus shifts the billing date of a contract. This allows you to enter data for metered usage components and therefore bill all the usage of consumables at the end of the billing period. You can set a delay of maximum 168h (7 days).


The billing delay is only effective for recurring billing and not for direct contract changes that have immediate effect like signup, cancellations, orders with a change date before the billing date.

To configure the billing delay, go to ''Settings> Billing> Billing Settings'' and enter the desired value (in hours).


Subsequently, you can subscribe to the Webhook "RecurringBillingApproaching" to be informed about an upcoming recurring billing and then transmit the consumption to billwerk. This webhook is triggered when a billing period is ended. Depending on your billing delay settings you can use this webhook to pass remaining metered usage or rated items before the actual recurring billing is processed. The documentation of the webhook can be found here.

You can extract the component consumption directly from your system and post it via our API . Alternatively, you can enter the consumption directly in Admin UI under "Metered Usage" tab in the contract details:

If you enter the value manually instead of using API, it makes sense to set the billing delay to a significantly higher value copare to the API approach.