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billwerk supports all plans offered by GoCardless. As a payment method SEPA direct debit and Betalingservice are available.

Please be aware before starting your implementation of SubscriptionJS on your sign up page, that not all of the proposed payment methods of this PSP support the ProcessPaymentData method:

Payment Method

ProcessPaymentData method supported

Direct Debit (Full Version API)


Direct Debit (Redirect Version API)


1. Configuration in your GoCardless account

Create an access token in GoCardless and enter the URL as the webhook URL in your GoCardless account for live mode.

When using Full Version API (Pro Plan), the "Custom Mandate References" feature must be enabled by GoCardless support for the merchant account.

Refunds are not released as a standard feature at GoCardless and must be requested separately for the merchant account.

2. Configuration in your billwerk account

You can find the GoCardless configuration in your billwerk Account at "Settings > Payment Settings > GoCardless".


Enter all needed data in billwerk and press the "Save" button.

Please pay attention, to select the correct integration type (Redirect Flow API or Full Version API). The integration type depends on the plan you have booked at GoCardless (Standard, Plus plan is Redirect Flow API, Pro plan is Full Version API). A wrong selection leads to an error: "PermissionDenied", "Forbidden request"

Now you can select Direct Debit with GoCardless in the payment service provider selection. Save the selection again und now you are able to use GoCardless for direct debit payments.

Note that in order to create a direct debit mandate, your customer's billing address must either be completely free or completely filled. Only partially entered address fields lead to errors in GoCardless.

3. Configuring SEPA reference line

You can configure the SEPA reference line manually. For more information, see the article Configuring SEPA reference.

4. Test data

At you can register for the GoCardless sandbox. Create an Access Token and enter as your Webhook URL in your GoCardless account for test payments.

You can find GoCardless test bank details here.

5. Customer data

GoCardless defines mandatory attributes that have to be saved in the customer data for payments to be successful:

  • Email address

  • Company Name or First Name and Last Name