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How to perform write-off in one contract via UI?

One of the options to perform a write-off is enabled via user interface. It is used to manage individual contracts.

Before the write-off procedure, we need to be sure that our contract, which is going to be written-off, has an end date. To achieve it, we have to:

  • annul the contract

  • cancel the contract

  • set an end date manually, while creating the contract

Sample contract with an end date from the Customers section:



Note: Otherwise, an error message appears


Annul the contract

How can I cancel a customer's contract? (under 3.)


Warning: This operation is not reversible!

Cancel the contract

How can I cancel a contract?

Set the end date manually

How do I create a contract?


While creating a new contract be sure to set an End Date to make it available to be written-off.



Remember that the customer needs to have an open invoice to proceed further with the write-off.

After terminating the contract, we are ready to write it off. Therefore, call the contract of the customer with the receivable to be written off and proceed as follows:



  1. From Contract's window go to Perform Action.

  2. Select Write-off Open Receivables.

  3. Write-off Open Receivables window requires to select the Write-Off date.


    Note: Latest invoice date must be before write-off booking date.
  4. Click the Apply button.



You can see the successfully done write-off by the additional segment in Contract's Details.


In Activities > Postings (Accounting) there is a new posting added including all data linked to write-off e.g. Amount or the account number.

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