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Email settings

Insert all the information needed for the email sent out in this interface.

You can access this page under Settings > Email.

Here is a table of all fields you can fill in on this page:

Email Sender


The default email address used as email from address. We recommend to use *My Company* as default address if you do not host your own domain. The default address can be overwritten for each email type.


Optional Reply-To email address

Reply-To Name

If defined all emails will have a reply to email address. If recipients reply to the email, this address will be used for the reply instead of the from address.

Reply-To Email

Optional Bcc email address

Bcc Email

An email address to bcc all emails to. This can be used to get a copy of all the emails sent on behalf of your business.

Additional Email Settings

As as user you can also configure certain settings at a template level. Under Configurations > Customer communications > Email template you can override some of the email settings. You can configure the following set of properties for each of the email template.



Override the sender name and email for emails sent via this template.




Override the Reply to name and email for emails sent via this template.


Additional emails 


CC and BCC additional ids for emails sent via this template



The settings to over ride emails can be found by clicking on the ⚙️ icon, right next to the name of the email template.



This opens up a configuration form where you can add the necessary information.

Figure 1.