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Change acquirer with recurring customers

This guide shows you how to copy the saved cards, and use them through a new acquirer.


There are several API calls you need to call, and therefore we will recommend you to create a script when doing this.

  1. Get a list of subscriptions

    This API will give you a list of your subscriptions. I would recommend only getting the active subscriptions. Here you will have to save the customer handles and subscription handles.

  2. Get payment methods

    This API will give you card payment references (ca_xxxxxxxx...) which you will need to save.

    Only save the payment methods that are being used currently. In order to make this API call, you will need the subscription handles from step 1.

  3. Copy card payment method

    In this call use:

    • Customer handle (the list you got in call 1)

    • Card payment reference (from call 2)

    Agreement (which is the last part of the URL when you are in the Billwerk+ Payments Dashboard on an activated current acquirer agreement - see picture from below):

  4. Set payment method

    Use this API call to set the newly created payment method on the subscription.

    For this call you will need the new card reference, which you get in return in step 3.