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Card acquiring through Billwerk+ Pay

If you would like to get an acquiring agreement from Billwerk+, you can apply for one by using this application.

If you have an existing acquiring agreement, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Configuration > Payment Methods.

  2. Click on Credit cards.

  3. In the Card acquiring through Reepay box:

    • Click on Reepay_Admin_-_Plus_button.png to add more agreements.

    • Activate the switch to Select all cards or select manually the cards you would like to include.

  4. Click on Advanced to:

    • Add a Comma separated currency list in the Choose currencies box.

    • Use the Payment Methods drop down list to Choose payment methods.

      1. Use all Payment Methods

      2. Select which payment method to use

        • Activate the switch Select all to select all gateways.

        • Or pick manually gate ways.

  5. In the Strong customer authentication box activate:

    • 3D Secure


      Additional security layer providing strong customer authentication (SCA) for online credit and debit card transactions. Also known for example as Verified By VISA, Master Securecode and SecurePay. 3D Secure gives you as a merchant liability shift in some cases, contact your acquirer for more information.

    • 3D Secure for recurring


      You can also enable 3D Secure for preauths meaning that there is strong customer authentication when a recurring payment method is created. Whether this results in liability shift in subsequent transactions is depending on the acquirer. Contact your acquirer for more information.

    Once you activated 3D Secure for recurring you can also:

    • Disallow 3D Secure attempted


      If a card issuer, e.g. cardholder bank, does not support 3D Secure, but the card is enrolled, the result of the 3D Secure flow will be "attempted". The cardholder will not be prompted for any authentication, but normally the attempted result will also mean liability shift. Use this setting to disallow attempted as sufficient 3D Secure authentication.

    • Require SCA by default


      When creating a payment or signup session, the SCA requirement can be defined using parameters. If no specific 3D requirement is used the default is to use 3D Secure if a card is enrolled, but also accept un-enrolled cards. Use this toggle to change the default so SCA is required in the default case.

  6. When you finished your configuration, click on Save_Reepay.png.