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Welcome to our Help Center!


If you would like to get an acquiring agreement from Billwerk+, you can apply for one by using this application.


Once submitted we will process your application and reach out to you if we have any additional questions or once your application has been approved or declined.

Please go to Settings > Applications.



If you do not have an existing acquiring agreement for Visa and Mastercard, we can help you get one by using this application form. Once submitted our trusted acquiring partners will review your submission, clarifying any queries, and notifying you of approval or decline. If, on the other hand, you have an existing acquiring agreement, please go to the card agreements section to configure your agreement.If you want to apply for cards other than Visa and Mastercard, which also covers Maestro and Visa Electron, you can contact our sales department, who can help.

  1. In the Director box enter the following mandatory fields:

    • Full name

    • Social security number

    • Date of birth

    • Address


    Why do we ask about this?

    According to anti-money laundering regulations we are obligated to know your company's top management

  2. Upload a photo and a document that confirms your personal address.

  3. In the Company information section, fill in this information:

    • Registration number

    • Company type and name

    • Address

    • Email & Phone

  4. Upload the extract of your Company register that proofs your company registration.

  5. In the Company Ownership box, select whether:

    • The merchant is a sole proprietorship owned by the director

    • The merchant is a sole proprietorship not owned by the director

    • One or more owners are holding a direct or indirect share of more than 25%

    • No owners are holding a direct or indirect share of more than 25%

  6. In the Business Model box describe your business model and products and services:

    • Enter your Trading name.

    • Specify your Business Model.

    • Select your Currency.

    • Enter the Expected Max. Transaction Amount, Estimated Monthly Turnover and Estimated Avg. Transaction Amount.

    • Select if you have recurring transactions.

    • Set if you have physical products deliveries.

  7. In the Bank Account box enter these details:

    • Bank name

    • Settlement currency

    • SWIFT (BIC) code

    • IBAN number

  8. Upload a document that shows your Bank account legimitation.

  9. Add your Websites and read about the Visa and MasterCard rules.


    For your application your websites need to comply with these rules:

    • The customer can easily find clear pricing of every product/service

    • The customer can easily find contact information and business location

    • The customer can easily find customer service e-mail and phone number

    • The customer can easily find “Terms and conditions”

    • The customer can easily find refund and shipping conditions

    • The customer can easily find a privacy policy

    • The Visa and MasterCard logos are visible on your payment page

  10. You can supply additional information (if you think we need that to review your application) in the Additional Information box.

  11. Confirm that you read our Terms and conditions.

  12. Click on Save_Reepay.png in the upper right corner of the page.