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Refund declined

Sometimes, when you try to refund a customer, your request is declined. Let us have a look on the reasons.


 99% of the time the reason are missing funds on your side. Meaning: An acquirer has payed out all of your funds for your payments (refunds). There are no funds left on your account for the acquirer to proceed with the requested refund.

How to fix it:

  1. Wait until you have received a few payments in order to have money on you acquirer account.

  2. Contact the acquirer.

    Ask them to setup a minus(-) limit within which you are able to do refunds. The limit is normally at ~1000 DKK.

  3. Inform yourself as well, how you can transfer some funds from you bank to fill up your account.


If you would like to see the detailed reason, please click on the refund transaction that was declined. In the popup, you can see the notification coming from the acquirer.