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Table columns of the subscriptions list

First of all we will go through the different columns of this table.


Active, on hold, trial, expired, cancelled


Unique name, like a Product ID, not visible for the customer. Can be used for deep dives into the data or API calls. Stays the same, even if you change the name.


The underlying plan you set up before creating the subscription.


The customer reference

Created date

Timestamp you set up the subscription.

Next period start

The beginning of the next billing period.

Filter the list

If you would like to hide or add columns to the table, click on the Reepay_Admin_-_Add-Ons_Creation_Date_Button.png icon.

You can filter the list by clicking on the Reepay_Admin_-_Add-Ons_Filter_.png icon.

By default you can filter the list on the Creation Date.

Click on the drop down list Add filters to filter the table on any of the columns.