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Import of credit cards and subscriptions

You would like to save time and import your cards and subscriptions into our app? This guide shows you how this is done and what you need to do.

So we assume that you would like to import the card data to avoid that your customers need to fill them in again. In your current subscription billing platform, every subscription or customer has a reference to card details located at your current payment gateway. You need to export this card data from your current payment gateway and imported it into our platform.


The exchange and handling of card data must only be done by PCI Level 1 certified companies like Billwerk+.

However, some actions are required by you.

Let us have a look on the process below:

  1. You - Please send an email to your current payment gateway including:

    • the cancellation of your subscription

    • the demand to export all saved card data to Billwerk+. In order to do so, they need to contact

    • Hereafter Billwerk+ and your current payment gateway will exchange PGW keys and document the transfer.

  2. Billwerk+ - Your current payment gateway will hand over the card data to Billwerk+. Each card will have a reference, also called a ticket or token.


    The reference from the old payment gateway should also exist in your current subscription billing platform. This reference could also exist in your own database on your customer or subscription entity.

  3. Billwerk+ - We will then import all card data received from your current payment gateway. Every imported card will get exchanged for a Billwerk+ card token (ct_xxx).


    We will send you a file from telling you what the old reference (from the old payment gateway) was and the corresponding new Billwerk+ card token.

  4. You - Please import now all your customer data into Billwerk+ using the provided Create Customer API .


    Remember to disable email send-outs in the email template page (under Email settings).

  5. You - Then you can add subscriptions to all your customers  using the Create Subscription API

    Please use the new Billwerk+ card token as the source parameter.



    1. to match the correct new card token to the correct customer and subscription by looking at the old reference

    2. to consider to set a plan and

    3. to set start date on each subscription.

    Great job! You ensured a good user experience for your customers.