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Card Acquirer Swedbank Pay

Swedbank is a traditional Swedish bank providing all types of financial services.


Please be aware of these prerequisites before starting the setup.

  1. To follow this procedure you need to be already live with Billwerk+ Payments. It will not work in test mode.

  2. Please set up an XX account first.

Set up the acquirer in Billwerk+ Pay

First of all, let us have a look on the configuration.

  1. Looking at the sidebar navigation on the left side of your screen, under Configuration Reepay_navigation_icon.png Payment Methods you will find Payment Methods.

  2. Click on Credit Card.

  3. Scroll and click on Swedbank.

    1. Select payment methods you would like to use.

    2. Fill out the form:


      Information to put in

      Merchant id

      Nets TOF-nr (fictive TOF), 7 digits. Swedbank will provide you with this number.

      Merchant Name

      Your company information.

      Merchant Address

      Merchant City

      Merchant ZIP code

      Merchant Country

      Business Code

      MCC code (Business code/branchekode)

      Merchant website

      Do not forget to put http://

      3D Merchant id

      Swedbank Merchant ID (international TOF number)

      Amex merchant ID

      American Express Merchant ID, if you have been receiving Paper statements, your Merchant Account number can be found at the top right corner of the statement. It is also included at the top right corner of any email sent to you from American Express regarding your Online Merchant Account.

    3. Click on Create in the lower right corner.

    Great! This setup is done.