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Risk filter

Can we help you with fraud protection for online credit card payments?


We have an advanced fraud system, this system can help prevent fraud transaction from taking place and can help you avoid costly chargebacks.

Fraud protection
  1. Under Configurations > Risk Filter, you can set up multiple rule sets.

  2. Click on Add your first rule set to access the fields.

  3. Fill in a Name for your first risk filter.

  4. Insert a Description for the other users.

  5. Compose your conditions. If ANY/ ALL of the following apply, do:

    • Allow a payment transaction

    • Strongly authenticated

    • Amount

    • Flag a payment transaction

    • Block a payment transaction

    • Require SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) - with challenge

    • Nothing

  6. You can set up as many conditions as required by your business need on the following fields:

    • Card country

    • Amount

    • Strongly authenticated

    • Requester country

    • Currency of transaction

    • Card type

    • Acquirer

    • Transaction type

    • Card SCA status

    • Payment type

    • Card prefix

    • 3D status

  7. Depending on the field you choose, you will have different filter options.

  8. If you would like to create a new rule set, click on Add rule set.

  9. When you finished your configuration click on Save_Reepay.png.

  10. Activate the switch Reepay_Admin_-_Status_Switch.png to enable the risk filter.

For Deleting a Risk filter click on the Reepay_Admin_-_red_bin.png button.