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Acquiring agreements - Acceptations of cards

It is your acquirer agreement(s) who are actually controlling/determining which cards you can accept.

  1. Sign up for an acquirer agreement.

    Example: You have two acquirer agreements. One with NETS for Dankort / Visa-Dankort and one with Clearhaus for the rest of the cards like VISA / Mastercard.

  2. Configure which cards you would like to accept:

    1. Go to Configuration → Payment Methods.

    2. Click into the Cards box on Credit card.

    3. Go the Acquirer you set up and select the Payment methods you would like to set up for your acquirer.


      If you use the payment method card as a wildcard you can accept all your supported cards through your acquirers.

But regardless of the cards you have activated on your acquirer agreement, you are able to overwrite the selected cards by using the payment method parameter.

This example from a session shows how you 'limit' the cards you can accept to:

"payment_methods": ["dankort","visa","visa_dk","mc"],


Your customer tries to pay with a VISA Electron visa_elec.

The error: Card number does not match any of the permitted card types will pop up, since you have limited the pay types, even though VISA Electron is activated on the Clearhaus agreement.