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Questions when migrating from another payment gateway

When you migrate from another gateway, you might have a lot of questions.

Please find here some considerations in a nutshell:

How do I start?

To go live with billwerk+ payments by following this guide.

Can I reuse my current acquirer agreement?


We provide a list of acquirers you can work with

Of course you can reuse your existing acquirer agreement.

Can I use Billwerk+ Payments in my shop model?

Yes! Actually we provide plugins to different e-commerce platforms.

Can I import customers/ payment methods?

Yes, please read this article to get more details: Import of credit cards and subscriptions.

Does Billwerk+ Payments cancel my old agreement?

No, you need to contact your old provider to cancel your agreement.

Can I use two gateways at the same time during the transitional period?

Using two payment gateways in the transitional period is not a problem.

Reach out to our support team

If you have questions, we did not answer here or in the other section of our help center, please send us an email to