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Welcome to our Help Center!

Roadmap to your successful setup

Ready to rumble ? But you still ask yourself, what is the starting point and what are the next steps? No worries, we will get there little by little. We hope you like checking boxes as much as we do, take out your pencil and let us get started.

  1. Admin: First of all, if you are not the (future) admin of our application, this is the moment to ask him or her to sit next to you.

  2. API or no API?: Exactly, that is the question. If you have people with the right skillset in your company, it might make sense to go at this point in parallel through the Developer Documentation.

  3. Test Acquirer: Now, in order to test transactions, you would need to set up a test acquirer. We will see a little bit later how to do that.

  4. Settings: Please read carefully the sections about the settings and ensure that you filled in correctly every relevant field. Do not hesitate to get support from your Finance team if needed. If you are interested in testing first, you could at least set up the Account settings.

    Note: Leave the email settings out for the moment.

  5. Configuration: For testing purpose you can focus on the dunning management.

  6. Email Settings: Now is the right moment to look into the email settings.

Perfect! Now that the to do list is created, we start the testing period.