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Payment status configuration in WooCommerce


Billwerk+ Pay and Billwerk+ Optimize are two parts of the former Reepay application. The application was not renamed everywhere yet, so you might still find functionalities with the old name as shown in this article.

By default, WooCommerce orders processed by the Optimize payment method are not settled automatically, but manually. However, you can configure the Reepay plugin, to settle your orders automatically when the order enters a specific state.


Be aware that settling orders before shipping them, is not allowed in certain countries.

  1. Log into your Wordpress/WooCommerce admin.

  2. Navigate to Settings .

  3. Then click on Payments.

  4. Then scroll to the bottom where you have status options highlighted in the box below:



This setup in WooCommerce will settle automatically the invoice in Billwerk+, when an order in WooCommerce is set to the status: Completed.