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Define perks, privileges and benefits that your customers have access to as part of their plan or add-on or the subscription.

Entitlements can be configured at a Plan and Add-On level. They can be additional added or removed for a user at a Subscription level.

  1. Create, edit and delete Entitlements from Configurations > Entitlements


  2. Create new Entitlements by clicking on the “New” button on the top right hand side under the Entitlements section.


    While creating an entitlement, you can define the Name, Handle and the Description of the entitlement.


  3. Entitlements can be added to a plan while creating the plan or by editing it


    To add entitlements to an existing plan. Click on Actions while editing a plan and then click on Supersede


    Scroll down to the section below setup fees. You will find a button here to add the entitlement.


  4. Similarly Entitlements can be added to an Add-on while creating the add-on or by editing it.


    Existing add-on can be edited and the entitlement can be added to it directly.


  5. Add entitlements to a subscription during creation or you can add entitlements later to it from the Subscriptions details page.


    For an ongoing subscription, the entitlements can be added from the Subscriptions details page. Here you will be able to see the Entitlements inherited from Plans and Add-ons and the ones added explicitly to the subscription under two separate tabs.