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Authorization lifetime / Reservation on bank account

This article gives you a brief overview on how authorizations and reservations works.

An authorization via NETS/Swedbank/Elavon etc. does not actually expire, but the more days that go by between authorization and settle, the greater the risk that you will receive a refund with the reason late settle.

If the settle is made within 7-30 days, you will not receive such a refund. The longer you wait with the settle, the greater the uncertainty there is for unsuccessful settle.

If you are using Clearhaus as an acquirer the authorization will automatically expire after 179 days, meaning that it can't be settled after that.

Depending on the type of card, the amount is reserved for 7-30 days on your customer's account, when a successful authorization is carried out.


Note that banks can not handle it if you as a merchant are trying to cancel a partial authorization. This means that your customer in most cases will have to wait for up to 30 days, for the authorization to expire.

There is nothing that you as a merchant or Billwerk+, can do to speed up the process.The customer may be successful in contacting his/hers bank.

For further clarification on this topic, we recommend that you have a talk with your specific acquirer.