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Subscriptions businesses are dynamic in nature and have many moving parts. In order to understand the health of your business and to keep track of your growth, it is essential to have certain KPIs (Key performance Indicators) readily available that can tell you about the performance of your business.

We at Billwerk+ understand the need for every Subscription business, no matter how big or small, needs to have certain metrics accessible at the tip of their fingers, so that business owners can take decisive actions to improve performance.

In the coming weeks, we will be making various metrics available for our customers, so that they can easily track how their products are performing, how much recurring revenue their are earning and how their subscribers are interacting with their products and services.

Billwerk+ Analyze will offer more than 60+ metrics across categories such as Revenue, Subscribers, Subscriptions, Retention, Churn, Payments, Cash-flow, Billing, Receivables and Dunning.

Billwerk+ Analyze will be available shortly. To be one of our early pilot customers, please reach out to our support team.