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API errors

When using our API errors can occur find out what they mean here.

HTTPS errors

The main way the API returns that an error have occurred is by return a HTTP status code.

  • codes in the 2xx range indicate success

  • codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that resulted from the provided information

  • codes in the 5xx range indicate an error at Billwerk+ or external systems used by Billwerk+.

200 - OK Everything worked as expected.

400 - Bad Request Illegal operation on a resource.

401 - Unauthorized No valid authentication provided

403 - Forbidden Authentication given but not authorized to resource operation.

404 - Not Found The requested resource or referenced resources could not be found.

405 - Method Not Allowed The used HTTP method is not allowed on the resource.

422 - Unprocessable Entity The request could not be interpreted, often missing a required parameter or wrongly formatted parameters for example badly formatted JSON.

500 - 504 - Server Errors An internal error occurred on Billwerk+'s end.

Error response

All non successful 2xx responses will return a generic JSON error response with the following parameters.