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Payment Escalated

This webhook is triggered based on your payment escalation settings.


The Payment Escalated webhook contains no dunning document information. If you would like to receive information for dunning creation, you have to subscribe to the DunningCreated webhook.

Typical Scenario

You can use this hook to react to your customers non-payment, for example by sending a notification email or by suspending the account.

The value of TriggerDays is the number of days since the payments due date. This is based on the oldest unpaid receivable, so it's possible that you receive a five-day-hook, then a ten-day-hook and a five-day-hook again.


Chargebacks have an impact on the difference between the planned TriggerDays and reality. If you receive the chargeback 10 days after the DueDate, the escalation starts 10 days later than expected.

PaymentEscalationProcessId: Id of the database object holding the escalation settings of the legal entity.

POST /billwerk-hook
Content-Type: application/json

    "ContractId": "6298a006e636b694d807080f",
    "CustomerId": "6298a006e636b694d8070809",
    "TriggerDays": 5,
    "DueDate": "2022-06-09T00:00:00.0000000Z",
    "PaymentEscalationProcessId": "623812c0426dc88abe51b23a",
    "Event": "PaymentEscalated",
    "EntityId": "62148e3c0c14e1609e9ca5c1"