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Ledger & Ledger entry


Ledger is a list of all receivables, payables and payments. Payments include incoming and outgoing payments as well as chargebacks, credit card chargebacks and refunds.


Each Customer has a Contract that has a separate Contract account = Ledger.

In a subscription management system, a Ledger is a record-keeping component that tracks financial transactions related to Customer subscriptions. The Ledger serves as a detailed and organized account of all activities for a Contract associated with billing and payment.

Thus, the ledger provides an overview of all events in this context that have been registered for a Contract over time. The Contract ledger makes it easy to see whether all receivables have been settled or whether there are any outstanding claims.

You can see the Ledger entries for a particular Contract within the Contract details. At the customer level, a summarized view of all Ledgers of the Contracts assigned to the Customer is provided. This representation is similar to a journal of the debtor account.

The display of the Ledger entries contains shortcut links to the details or documents associated with the respective event.

Example of Ledger entry:

        "Description":"Transaction: 5b960e2a88472c05603cdb22",
        "Description":"Invoice: R2018-0022",

You can review your Ledger Entries within Contract Details, which maintain a record of all operations linked to thic Contract's financial transactions: