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SubscriptionJS is a JavaScript SDK for seamless integration and full customization of your customer self-service pages. The SDK provides a simple, but yet flexible interface to billwerk that covers use cases for signup and customer portal.

In principle, all these actions can be performed via our RESTful JSON API or the management frontend (which directly talks to the API anyhow). However, payment often requires immediate customer interaction (because the payment data is sensitive, or payment requires the customer to visit a page such as PayPal). The SDK also provides direct access to account management functions like changing payment data, updating customer information etc. (customer self service).

The SDK also provides an iframe element that serves as a form for the customer to enter payment data. This is especially helpful to minimize your required PCI-DSS compliance (see FAQs below) Future SDK versions will provide additional elements for simpler integration of billwerk.

Thus, implementing customer self-service page with SubscriptionJS offers more possibilities and functions, but at the same time requires more effort from merchant's side.