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Discount subscriptions

Price modifiers and discounts can be set up in the billwerk system. These can be booked in individual contracts and affect the configured products either for an unlimited period (as long as they are booked) or for a set duration.

You can make the following settings for price modifiers and discounts:

Attribute / setting



Internal name

the name under which the discount is displayed and referenced in the UI



the text module that is added to the texts of the invoice item of the discount or product



the period of time the discount is to be applied

text / dropdown menu


the products to which the discount or price modifier applies

list of checkboxes

Include setup fee

the option to include setup fees in the discount


Create a separate line item for the discount

the switch whether this is a discount with its own invoice item or a price modifier without its own invoice item



     Id: "5847131d14a9ff0e6438d876",
     PlanGroupId: "5847131c14a9ff0e6438d866",
     InternalName: "Starter discount",
     Description: {
         _c: "Starter discount",
         de: "Starter.-Rabatt"
     Duration: {
         Unit: "Month",
         Quantity: 3
     Effect: {
         Type: "Relative",
         ReductionPercent: 30
     Targets: {
         5847131d14a9ff0e6438d86e": true,
         5847131d14a9ff0e6438d870": true,
         5847131d14a9ff0e6438d872": true,
         5847131d14a9ff0e6438d874": true
     IncludeSetup: false,
     CreateSeparateLineItem: true