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Contract WrittenOff

Sent, when a write-off is performed (write-off execution).


You will receive a single webhook for a single contract write-off operation (regardless of number of written-off invoices).

Typical Scenario

Listen to this hook to inform your customer about the state of a written-off contract and the options to resolve the solution.

    "ContractId": "629479fd471b3f8ab4ad08e0",
    "CustomerId": "6242991221642365b05d86a9",
    "BookingDate": "2023-05-15",
    "AmountWrittenOff": 61.88,
    "Event": "ContractWrittenOff",
    "EntityId": "62148e3c0c14e1609e9ca5c1"

Learn more about the write-off operation from the following article.