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Welcome to our Dev Docs!


Do our customers have to signup with billwerk?

No, they don't have to.

Do we need to worry about PCI DSS compliance? [Only for CC payments]?

If you are SAQ A-EP compliant you are free to use your own implementation of a payment form with SubscriptionJS. With SAQ A compliance the usage of the hosted pages or the paymentForm is recommended.

How can I customize the self-service pages?

The hosted self-service pages offer little customization, but it's easy to seamlessly integrate all functionality in your front-end using SubscriptionJS.

How can I test billwerk?

You can signup for a free sandbox account here. You can run any tests on sandbox environment to understand how does billwerk actually work.

I have a special/complex signup process. Can I implement it in billwerk?

Probably. Flexibility is one of our key goals. Just contact our support and we can figure something out.

Is it possible to automatically generate and send dunning letters?

Yes, you can set up the payment escalation (dunning) process with the variety of actions.

Is it possible to migrate existing customers?

Yes. There are a number of ways to do this (lazy vs. eager), and some details depend on the payment provider(s) you're using. Feel free to contact us to discuss options.

Is it possible to offer multiple payment channels/providers to my customers?

Sure. Just configure the payment providers you want to enable and your customers can choose the one they like best. However, it's not possible to have different providers for a single payment method such as credit card, because it wouldn't be clear which one to use.

What payment service providers (PSPs) can I choose?

At this time, we support PayOne, Paymill, Unzer, Stripe, PayPal, SlimPay, GoCardless as well as Adyen. We're adding more PSPs as we go. If you'd like to see your favorite payment provider added, don't hesitate to contact us.